I truly feel the name I Rise came directly from God. I was going through a rough patch in my life and every time I would lay down, my mind became flooded with thoughts of worry and self-doubt and feelings of sadness, hopelessness and hurt. Then, finally I had this overwhelming feeling of comfort and warmth wash over me and my mind emptied until only two words remained: I Rise. These empowering words signify so much across so many different areas of our lives. As we go through the many trials and difficulties life throws at us, we experience an array of negative feelings like hurt, betrayal, loneliness, brokenness and the emptiness of feeling let down or lost. But God! I repeat, BUT GOD! The Bible reminds us that we are never alone and can rise from any situation. Isaiah 60:1 says to "Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you." This scripture is so powerful and I stand on the Word as the foundation of I Rise Apparel. In the midst of darkness and through every attack that was meant to destroy your faith, your hope and your joy, I pray you rise in the face of it all. I Rise Apparel was created to remind its wearers of the strength that they have within themselves. I truly pray that our apparel inspires every single wearer to RISE UP and embrace the call God has placed on their lives. 

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